08 May 2010

Once again, I apollogize for the lack of blog posts. Our computer has been ridiculously retarded, but my laptop came in via the UPS man yesterday!!! So, this is my first official blog post from my very own laptop!
I'm proud to announce that in 14 days, I will be eighteen years old, and in 3 months and 5 days, I will be on my way to Georgia for a week of vacation before heading up to college. I am so excited to be at college! The Crown College of the Bible sounds like a great, wonderful adventure! Of course I know that it will not all be fun and games, but it sounds like it will be so much fun!
I am still battling with severe Writer's block, and I hope that having my laptop handy at all time will help with this. By the time you can get across the house and switch users on the home computer, you have lost all inspiration that you had. So, thankfully, I can now just walk across my room and start typing whenever the Muse decends. (Of course this is an illustration. I do not and never have believed in Greek mythology! Hahaha...)
This morning, Mummy and I attended our church's Mother/Daughter banquet. We heard a great lesson about Ruth and Naomi. It's amazing how their relationship changed all of history. If it weren't for Naomi's faith being shown to Ruth, Ruth would never have married Boaz and eventually become King David's gentile grandmother. Of course, David was the ancestor of our Lord Jesus Christ. Because of Naomi and Ruth, we gentiles are able to recieve Christ and have a home in heaven. Also, we were reminded that "Ruth" means "gracious". Take time to remember what it means to be ruthless. NEVER be ruthless.
So what has been happening? Not much besides preparing for Crown. Hahaha! And doing a whole lot of reading. I am beginning to recognize the faces (and even names) of all of my local librarians, and I think they think that I am crazy because I am there so much. My rule has always been "Stop whenever you can not fit anymore books in your black and white polkie-dot tote," but recently I keep, um, breaking the rule. I probably should either get a bigger tote or just have two totes! I just read a great book that I would reccomend to anyone. It's called "The Indigo Notebook". Also, I am currently reading a book called "Set in Stone". I don't remember either of the authors names, but they are awesome!
I hope you all have a great day! Oh, and a wonderful Mother's Day for any readers who happen to be blessed with children!
Caitlyn Mae

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