20 September 2010

It's that time of year again...

The time of year I lose my voice, I mean. I can not stand this! I am a classically trained singer who has a very weak voice, and it enjoys giving out on me randomly. The other night, we all went to the Powell High School football game. (Which, of course, the Powell Panthers won!) and I tore one of my vocal cords screaming like a maniac. What was I screaming at? Not the game. Not the game at all. No. I tore a vocal cord cheering for the band's drumline. Those guys were beast!!! We all had a great time, but now, I have no voice. My friends are all taking turns playing "Mum" or "Dad" and slapping me if I try to speak, interpreting my sign language, and forcing me to drink horrible things such as Salt and Sodawater. (Trust me, it works like a mad person, but it is so disgusting!) I despise drinking it!!!!!!!!
Please pray that my voice will return quickly and that I will have the patience to try not to rush it, therefore damaging it further!

09 September 2010

The Saltwater Beach

Sang so loudly that people thought you had headphones in?
Laughed so much that tears came streaming down your face?
Cried so hard that you laughed?
Spoke in ASL just because you could?
Wonder why we're all here and then understand?
Fell in love with love?
Hurt yourself with an inanimate object?
Had such a bad day that you would do it all over again just to see where or how you went wrong?
Spun in a circle until you almost passed out just to see if you would get dizzy?
Hugged a random stranger?
Gave someone you had never met a high five?
Wore a silly band ring that looks like a hippo?
Blogged until you ran out of things to blog about?

07 September 2010

Pure Epicness

Sitting here in the Great Hall with my Crown bestie (aslcollegegirl.blogspot.com) speaking in ASL for two reasons... 1) We're awesome like that; 2) We're too lazy to open our mouths and speak!

02 September 2010

38 Chapters down... Eleven to go!

For those of you who aren't freshman here at Crown, I am talking about the book of Genesis. We have to read it by next Wednesday, and I am finished with all but eleven chapters! I am falling in love with Genesis. I never realized how interesting it is! Did you know that in just the first eleven chapters, not only do you learn the basics of Israel's history, but you learn two thousand years worth of it? It's amazing! I am so disappointed that I did not fall in love with Genesis before now! If you've never fully jumped straight into Genesis and read the Bible from the very beginning, I recommend you start NOW!