21 November 2008

Senior Stuff!!!

Well, we ordered the rest of my books this Wednesday. When it comes in, I'll be SOOOO happy. I'm already almost completely done with American Literature, American History, and Health. Next, I'll be working on English Literature, U.S. Government and Economics, Speech, and be finishing up Physics and Home Economics. I can't beleive that in just a few short months, I'll be a high school graduate!!! (Now, if I could just get my driver's lisence.) After graduation, I would like to get either a job as a nannie or at a clothing store, such as Lane Bryant, so I could get a discount and get some awesome clothes for college. It's so strange for me to be a senior since I was supposed to be a junior this year. It feels like this year is going by so fast. It's as if the world is speeding and I'm just along for the ride.
Well, I'm bored now, so I'll TTYL!!!