26 July 2010

Dear Bloggers,
Please excuse me for my abscence! I've been so busy getting ready for school (Yes, in only 19 days!!!) and now we have company over from Lousiana. I can't beleive how soon we will be leaving for Crown! I am so excited!!!!!!! Yes, this is a short, pointless blog entry, but I do not care!

08 July 2010

Where to begin? We have been so busy! I can't imagine that in only 36 and 1/2 days, we will be on our way up to Georgia for a week followed by CROWN!!!!! We have been running here and there shopping for dorm supplies, and today Mum and I started shopping for clothes. So far, we have bought three new shirts, as well as a new bag for my laptop! It's really nice to be getting everything ready! I love Crow, and I can't wait until I get there!

I have an appointment with my new optometrist tomorrow, and hopefully I will only need some reading glasses.