17 June 2010

Crown Shopping!

I just got back from my first Mummy-Daughter college dorm supply shopping trip! With only one month and 27 days until we leave for Crown, I am becoming more and more anxious to leave. First we went to Anna's Linens and bought a nice mattress pad and a mattress topper. this is EXTREMELY important for adequate comfort. School would be really bad if I couldn't sleep, so I am prepared with a comfy mattress topper and my Advocare Nighttime Recovery! Next, we went to Ross and we bought a hot pink and grey container to hold my shampoo, conditioner, hair products, soaps, razors, and my blow dryer and straightener. (I have very thick and curly hair, so these are not even optional. lol) This will make it easy to store in a pantry or closet so I don't have a problem with trying to find everything I need in the dark.
Next, we went to Target and went bedding crazy! lol We bought a hot pink comforter with white polkie dots. We also bought a decorative round pillow that is white with pink, green, turquoise, and aqua polkie dots, so we bought a set of pink sheets and a set of aqua sheets. We next bought a pink towel set and an aqua towel set. I am just so excited about school!!!!!!!! I absolutely love The Crown College of the Bible!

15 June 2010

In less than two months, I will be at home in Georgia. Words can not express how much I have missed "The Peach State"! My family moved to the Atlanta area when I was only three years old, and we lived there until after I turned fourteen. I absolutely love Georgia! While we're home, I would like to get to spend some time with my old friends, including some that I haven't seen in years.
After a few days in Georgia, we'll be on our way to Tennessee!!!!!! I am estatic about starting school. I feel so blessed to have been accepted in one of the best Baptist colleges in the country! At times, two months seems so long, and at others, it feels as if I should be leaving in the morning. I can't wait until we can start shopping for my dorm stuff; you know, bedding, a good coffee pot, all that jazz. This might sound extremely boring to some people, but it sounds sooooo fun to me!

12 June 2010

I'm heading up to Texoma, TX today to work at the Texoma Baptist Youth Camp. This Bible camp was becoming extremely liberal, and numbers of campers were dropping significantly, so the group that owned it gave the whole camp over to Crown. What a blessing to Crown! This gives teenagers in the Southwest region a great Bible camp to go to without going all the way to Tennessee. It also gives the Crown Southwest students a camp to work at in the summers. They've needed some extra hands to finish up the small things before camp starts on Monday, so we're headed up there to probably paint! I'm excited to see my Crown friends that are working up there this summer! Please pray for this camp and for Crown.

08 June 2010

This post is here to simply tell you that in 2 MONTHS AND 5 1/2 DAYS, I'LL BE ON MY WAY TO CROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

05 June 2010

Calm in the Chaos

Recently, several things have occured in our lives that are far from ordinary. It seems that every day, something comes up that puts a damper on our view. For example, a few weeks ago, my father had to have a heart cath, something that none of us expected. Did I expect my father to have to have two stints put in? Definiatly not. Did the Lord bring our family through it? Of course He did. I am so happy to say that my God is still on the throne. He is still in control! Many other circumstances (that will remain unspoken) have dragged my spirit down, but I am estatic that the Lord Jesus Christ picks me up and carries me along when I need Him most.
Sometimes, heavy burdens seem to weigh us down; it is as if the whole universe has been placed onto your shoulders. Sadly, so many people miss the fact that God wil not let anything happen that is not in His perfect will. The devil can not touch a single hair on my head (And trust me when I say there are many on there!) without asking permission from the God who made him. I'm so glad to know this!

04 June 2010

I apologize for my absence; I just got back from a LONG trip to Louisiana. It only actually lasted six days, but it seemed a LOT longer. Haha
Well, last night, I recieved my Crown College orientation booklet via e-mail. This makes me even more excited to go than I already was. In 2 months and 10 days, we will be leaving for a week in Georgia before heading up to Crown!!!!!!!!!! Man, I have waited for this since my freshman year, and it is finally happening! Praise the Lord! I am so excited to see what God has planned for me at Crown!