15 June 2010

In less than two months, I will be at home in Georgia. Words can not express how much I have missed "The Peach State"! My family moved to the Atlanta area when I was only three years old, and we lived there until after I turned fourteen. I absolutely love Georgia! While we're home, I would like to get to spend some time with my old friends, including some that I haven't seen in years.
After a few days in Georgia, we'll be on our way to Tennessee!!!!!! I am estatic about starting school. I feel so blessed to have been accepted in one of the best Baptist colleges in the country! At times, two months seems so long, and at others, it feels as if I should be leaving in the morning. I can't wait until we can start shopping for my dorm stuff; you know, bedding, a good coffee pot, all that jazz. This might sound extremely boring to some people, but it sounds sooooo fun to me!

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