30 June 2009

Hi, Everybody!!!

Well, I'm waiting for my new YouTube video to finish loading, so I decided I could blog to let the time pass quickly. For those who want to know, my YouTube account is veggicma92. All of the videos are my friends and I just goofing off as part of our "Countdown To Congress" video series. We are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about the National Youth Congress at The Crown College of the Bible in Powell, Tennessee next week. Me, my friends Taylor, Courtney, Megan (JALAPENO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), Baylee, and Talon are going along with our pastor, Bro. Carrier, my brother, Casey, and two ladies from our church, Mrs. Paula and Mrs. Samuels. It is going to be the best week to Tennessee yet. As many of you know, I feel God wants me to go to college at The Crown, so every time I can go up there, I grab the chance!
Wow, my video still has nineteen minutes left. I guess I'll head over to Facebook and see what is happening in the world today!

29 June 2009

Hey Everyone!

It's been a pretty busy few weeks. My parents and I just went to Louisiana to visit with family and friends, and in SIX DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I'm heading to Tennessee with my youth group for the National Youth Congress at The Crown College in Powell. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about it! It is going to be the best trip to Crown yet, and I know it! After the trip to Crown, we'll be heading over to Royal C Ranch in Eufala, Oklahoma for another camp. This is going to be an awesome summer.
Can you beleive that it is already June, almost July? I can't beleive how fast this year is going.
Well, love you all, fellow bloggers!!!!
Caitlyn Mae

09 June 2009

I AM SO SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel bad because I haven't blogged in FOREVER! A lot of people keep telling me, "You really need to update your blog; it's just getting sad!" So, here I am, updating it. What has happened since my last entry? Well, I am now a HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE! That's what! Oh, and I turned seventeen finally. I've been waiting to turn seventeen my whole life! lol I have also become addicted to Facebook, which is why I'm never on here. But, dear bloggers, I promise to become much more faithful to my blog.
My life is now somewhat boring, because I am not having to run everywhere at 1,000 MPH. During these next few weeks, I am going to be sleeping in, swimming, blogging, Facebook-ing, YouTube-ing, and farming on my Farm Town (yes, it's very sad). On June 22, my family and I are heading down to Louisiana for a short getaway to see our family and friends. We'll be in Denham Springs for about 5 days.
Then, on July 5, our youth group leaves for the NATIONAL YOUTH CONGRESS AT THE CROWN COLLEGE OF THE BIBLE IN POWELL, TENNESSEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SOOOOOO excited about that. I love going up to Crown and we'll be there for a whopping 6 days! Oh, I also get to join a bunch of different teens from around the country and sing in the youth choir during the Congress! Oh, it is going to be AWESOMELY AMAZING (or Asquared)!!!!!!!!!
On July 21 (i think), we leave AGAIN for Royal C Ranch in Eufaula, OK. It's also going to be AMAZING!
As you can see, my summer will keep me moving again. Then, I will actually have things to blog about!
Love you, people of planet Earth!
Caitlyn Mae