27 January 2009

Strange Things about Me

  • I freak out if I can't find my phone, camera, or my MP3 player, even if I don't need it.
  • I like to eat Corn Pops with orange juice, not milk.
  • I have an obsession with polka dots. (Actually, I call them polkie dots and have ever since I remember.) Most of my wardrobe is covered with them and so is my luggage set.
  • I love to watch movies with the audio commentaries on.
  • I have this weird thing with calling everyone "Sweetheart" or "Darling" or even "Lovie"! Even my guy friends get called this on a regular basis.
  • If something's shiny, I pick it up.
  • I know at least one line (usually more) or one song (usually all of them) of every Disney movie.
  • I like to sing old showtunes and VeggiTales songs while on roadtrips.
  • I hate popular music. Instead, I like Christian music and opera.
  • I like Michael Buble. (Sorry, no accent. It won't do it. Sniff!)
  • I love to sing in Latin. Also, if people say a word in Latin wrong, I get really mad!
  • I love the Progressive commertials with the lady named Flo.
  • I also love the freecreditreport.com commercials.
  • I have the themesong to Saved By the Bell on my cellphone. (I also have the song from "Three's Company" even though I've never seen one single episode. I just like the song.)
  • I make a nickname for all of my friends.
  • I named my flutes. All three of them. Carlotta, Rising Star, and Hibiscus. Yes, I'm a wierdo.
  • I also named my piano. Her name is Christine.
  • I like to play "Bookworm Adventures"
  • I doodle while I take notes, whether they be for school or for church. (It's a proven fact that it makes you remember what you wrote more.)
  • I get really mad when people forget to change the month out on their calenders.
  • I really like faries. Whenever I have a little girl, her nursery is going to be decorated with faries.
  • Did I mention that I love pens? Give me a nice Bic Ball Point and I'll be a happy camper.
  • Whenever I see a singing stuffed animal, I HAVE to press its foot. I just can't help myself.
  • I love to watch musicals, especially the Phantom of the Opera. Andrew Lloyd Webber is a pure genious.
  • I hate word searches, but I love cross-word puzzles.
  • I love the smell of hand sanitizer.
  • I get so excited when I see the mailman or the UPS man, even if I'm not expecting anything.
  • I think that people who don't like animals are just plain stupid.
  • I think that love isn't love unless it's unconditional.

23 January 2009

Church Camp

Well, we used to go to a church camp in North Carolina every year when we lived in GA. It was easy because I could do my school work between classes. Since we moved to Texas, though, it's been impossible. I would be missing over a week of school. BUT, now that I'm homeschooling, it would be do-able. So, WE'RE GOING TO CAMP LENOIR!!!!!!! I'm beyond excited. I love it there so much. http://westlenoirbc.org/

Is anyone going there? It's such a great week of preaching and singing and just fellowship. I love it!

19 January 2009

More Schooling!

WOW! I'm so excited about English Literature. For whatever reason, I've always had this extreme fascination with western Europe (particularly England and France). It's so cool because I get to read Chaucer, Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and so much more! (I read Chaucer's Canterbury Tales as a Freshman lol).
This has been a most excellent year and I'm so excited for graduation. Now that I'm an official Senior (haha) it feels so strange. I can't beleive that in only a few months, I will have completed high school!

17 January 2009


I'm now officially a complete senior! lol Yesterday I finished my English 3 exams (and got a 89%. Man! One point away from an A! lol) and this morning I took my American History exam (and got a 94%). Monday, I'm going to start English 4 and American Government/Economics. (I'm not happy about our new American Government leaders, though lol)
Last night, we went to the semester kickoff at the Crown Southwest/Norris Bible Seminary in Fort Worth. It was funny because Dr. Sexton asked all of the highschool seniors and juniors to raise their hands. I raised my hand, but from where I was sitting, I didn't see anyone else raise their hands. Then, he asked us to stand up!!!!! I was thinking, "I so don't want to do this!" but I stood up anyway. Thankfully, there were about ten other seniors and juniors there, so I wasn't standing up in the midst of several hundred sitting people. lol Please pray for Crown Southwest (and the entire Crown College family.
Well, it's now cram time. Everything has to be planned, because I'm the ONLY homeschool senior at our church. One guy is graduating this year, but he goes to public school. This means it's a graduation for me! So weird sounding to me. Oh, we've picked a date of May 16. I wanted to graduate before my 17th birthday (which is later in May) because when a 16-year-old graduates, they sound very smart. lol

13 January 2009

Recipes Galore!

Well, in my Home Ec (I'm sorry, Family and Consumer Science) course, I have to do a project in which I make a recipe book or box with a minimum of 30 recipes. I (being obsessed with getting an A) am doing, like, 70 recipes. lol I've been searching the internet, cookbooks, and everything imaginable. I've found recipes using ingredients I didn't even know existed. I'm a vegetarian and have been for almost three years, so this is a great opprotunity for me to be able to make my perfect cookbook. Home Ec is really exciting for me because I get to learn things that I wouldn't have learned in public school. I even get to host a cake reception and then a dinner party. (AH, STRESS!!!) I love to cook, and I especially love to bake. Baking is new to me, but I throughly enjoy it. I love to get dirty and always have my Sansa MP3 player on while I'm working in the kitchen.
Oh, the other day, I started my speach course (Public speaking frightens me.) It's funny doing a course that needs several people with only you and your mom. lol

12 January 2009

Random Picture lol

Look at this totally cute picture of my puppy!
He fell asleep with his head on the hearth of our fireplace. He's so goofy!

09 January 2009


I finally got another haircut. I needed on desperately. lol
Yeah, bad pics, but whatever. I'll try to get better ones posted

Senior '09!

It feels so weird knowing that I'll be graduating a whole year early. Does anyone have any homeschool graduation advice? lol

My favorite color is pink and I actually found a pink cap and gown set. (http://www.homeschooldiploma.com/apparel/new.cpgn.page.htm#rose) It's cool that I'm not in an official group so I can make my own school colors (pink and white) and mascot and everything. Oh, speaking of mascots, I want you to meet mine. Her name is Princess Tinkerpuff! lol We have a purity retreat every year at my church for girls in the area and I won her as a door prize and made her my official mascot. We are, in fact, home of the Mighty Warring Tinkerpuffs! lol
Yes, my mascot is a white bunny in a tutu with a pink tiara on her head. But, she's a cute mascot! lol You can't really see her eyes because they're hidden under the fluff. I LOVE PRINCESS TINKERPUFF!!!

03 January 2009

My Own Meadow

Well, I've started writing a novel. It's about a girl named Ainsley who was born (as the title suggests) in a meadow. The name Ainsley actually means "my own meadow". She suddenly has to move back to New Zealand after living in the States since she was 2 years old. I really like it so far. I've been doing a lot of research on New Zealand for this book, and I've decided that I want to visit there someday. LoL
This is the first few sentences: 'Many stories begin with “Once Upon a Time” or “In a land far, far away”. My story begins with, well, the beginning. Let’s go back to the day of my birth. I was born in a meadow in New Zealand after my parent’s car ran out of gas while mom was in labor. Because of my birthplace, my parents named me Ainsley, a Scottish name meaning “my own meadow”'.
Wish me luck as I start this new novel!

01 January 2009


Well, I refuse to make "resolutions" because no one ever keeps them. This year, I've decided to make New Years Commitments. That way, I know that I will fulfil them.
This year, I commit to:
  1. Read my Bible through to become closer to the Lord.
  2. Eat healthier and loose weight.
  3. Try my absolute hardest in school.
  4. Keep my room clean and become more responsible.
  5. Talk to random people as often as possible.
  6. Love more.
  7. Watch my attitude.
  8. Learn to control my emotions.
  9. Practice my piano, flute, and voice more.
  10. Work on my blog more.
  11. Have eleven commitments instead of the ten people expect of me.