09 January 2009

Senior '09!

It feels so weird knowing that I'll be graduating a whole year early. Does anyone have any homeschool graduation advice? lol

My favorite color is pink and I actually found a pink cap and gown set. (http://www.homeschooldiploma.com/apparel/new.cpgn.page.htm#rose) It's cool that I'm not in an official group so I can make my own school colors (pink and white) and mascot and everything. Oh, speaking of mascots, I want you to meet mine. Her name is Princess Tinkerpuff! lol We have a purity retreat every year at my church for girls in the area and I won her as a door prize and made her my official mascot. We are, in fact, home of the Mighty Warring Tinkerpuffs! lol
Yes, my mascot is a white bunny in a tutu with a pink tiara on her head. But, she's a cute mascot! lol You can't really see her eyes because they're hidden under the fluff. I LOVE PRINCESS TINKERPUFF!!!

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