09 January 2009


I finally got another haircut. I needed on desperately. lol
Yeah, bad pics, but whatever. I'll try to get better ones posted


Anonymous said...

Hello Caitlyn,

Glad you liked my blog!:-) I really like yours too. I'll be stopping by often, I think. And I'm glad you're thinking of joining our "homeschool seniors" class - I'm looking forward to being your "classmate"!:-)When you're ready to join just send an email to the address I gave you in my last comment. Take care!:-)


PS - You have gorgeous hair!

~Kat~ said...

aww miss caitlyn mae!!!! i love ur new hair cut! when u get the cahnce can u go check my blogspot out...it's kutiekittykat.blogspot.com plz and thx...now i'm gunna finish checking ur's out...peace!