17 January 2009


I'm now officially a complete senior! lol Yesterday I finished my English 3 exams (and got a 89%. Man! One point away from an A! lol) and this morning I took my American History exam (and got a 94%). Monday, I'm going to start English 4 and American Government/Economics. (I'm not happy about our new American Government leaders, though lol)
Last night, we went to the semester kickoff at the Crown Southwest/Norris Bible Seminary in Fort Worth. It was funny because Dr. Sexton asked all of the highschool seniors and juniors to raise their hands. I raised my hand, but from where I was sitting, I didn't see anyone else raise their hands. Then, he asked us to stand up!!!!! I was thinking, "I so don't want to do this!" but I stood up anyway. Thankfully, there were about ten other seniors and juniors there, so I wasn't standing up in the midst of several hundred sitting people. lol Please pray for Crown Southwest (and the entire Crown College family.
Well, it's now cram time. Everything has to be planned, because I'm the ONLY homeschool senior at our church. One guy is graduating this year, but he goes to public school. This means it's a graduation for me! So weird sounding to me. Oh, we've picked a date of May 16. I wanted to graduate before my 17th birthday (which is later in May) because when a 16-year-old graduates, they sound very smart. lol

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~Kat~ said...

omgosh!!!!! thats terrific! i better be invited to the graduation and the after party!!!! o...quick ? ...could u not tell anyone bout my blogspot it's like my lil oasis that i can say wat ever and not get in trouble? plz and thx!!!!! luv ya loads!