13 January 2009

Recipes Galore!

Well, in my Home Ec (I'm sorry, Family and Consumer Science) course, I have to do a project in which I make a recipe book or box with a minimum of 30 recipes. I (being obsessed with getting an A) am doing, like, 70 recipes. lol I've been searching the internet, cookbooks, and everything imaginable. I've found recipes using ingredients I didn't even know existed. I'm a vegetarian and have been for almost three years, so this is a great opprotunity for me to be able to make my perfect cookbook. Home Ec is really exciting for me because I get to learn things that I wouldn't have learned in public school. I even get to host a cake reception and then a dinner party. (AH, STRESS!!!) I love to cook, and I especially love to bake. Baking is new to me, but I throughly enjoy it. I love to get dirty and always have my Sansa MP3 player on while I'm working in the kitchen.
Oh, the other day, I started my speach course (Public speaking frightens me.) It's funny doing a course that needs several people with only you and your mom. lol


SamanthaMarie said...

Man, if I could have taken speech with only my mom I totally would have opted for that (:

The recipe book sounds wonderful. I really need to do that sometime. Being a wife and a mom starts with preparations now! :D

And thank you for returning my comment.

shopannies said...

I had my daughter constuct a recipe book as well and she loved it. As a young mother she still uses this cookbook and cooks for her family. We had lots of fun with this as I am sure you all did and will.