21 March 2009


I got my permit in yesterday. The people at the DMV were like, "Oh, it is the right date!" lol Well, I'm really happy. Hopefully I'll be able to drive a lot. (Fingers crossed!)

19 March 2009

I forgot about this...

I passed my permit test Saturday! lol All of the permits (except mine) came in yesterday. Here, you have to bring a TEA (Texas Education Agency) form to take it. Well, since I'm homeschooled, I had to turn in a different form. The people at the DMV said that the date was wrong, even though it wasn't. So, I have NO idea when my permit will come in. I want it NOW!!!!! lol But, I'm trying to be patient.

14 March 2009


He's gone and I'm trying not to think about it anymore today. On a good note, Daddy said that the shelter (which is no-kill) had a full parking lot. Who knows; maybe he found a home already!

13 March 2009

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This...

Well, I've been trying to not say anything, but I can't hold it in anymore. My beautiful dog, T-Bone, is going to have to find a new home. I hate this, but I know it is the best thing for him. We have a small yard and didn't know that he was going to grow as much as he has. My heart is breaking into a million pieces as I even write these horrible words. It wouldn't be fair for me to keep him. I can't give him the attention he deserves, even though I am here most days all day. Soon, I will be starting work and then leaving for college, and I can't expect other members in my family to have to babysit a 60 pound dog for the rest of their lives. Also, he is full of energy. I mean, he really needs room to run and maybe even a doggy pal to play with.
In the morning, Daddy has to bring him back to the shelter we got him from in Gainesville, Texas. If you happen to live in that area or know someone in that area who wants a great dog, please tell them to go to Noah's Ark Shelter in Gainesville and check him our. He really needs a big yard and maybe, like I said, a doggy pal. I feel so horrible about having to do this, but it really is the best thing for all of us, including him. A dog like T-Bone shouldn't be cramped up in Suburbia.
Please pray for T-Bone to find a good home. Also, pray for my family in this horrible time. Dad and my brother seem to be doing okay, but Mummy and I are really taking it hard. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I can't stand it. I wish I could rewind time and that we never would have went to that shelter on a daytrip to Oklahoma. Having no dog would be so much easier than getting rid of a great one.

Oh, and also, I have to take my learner's permit test in the morning. How, I ask, am I supposed to concentrate on that when I have all of this to worry about?!?

09 March 2009

Okay, so I get to driving school and...

  1. Someone tried to bum a buck off of me. I didn't have any, honestly. I didn't bring a purse or (obviously) a backpack, so I had no money.
  2. Someone asked what it meant to be an organ donor. Seriously.
  3. Two people asked what a maiden name was.
  4. Someone thought stop signs were too confusing.
  5. I was the only one who knew what D.O.B. stood for. (If you're not that bright, D.O.B. stands for Date of Birth.)

I'm serious; people are so retarded.


I finally start driving school today! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm almost seventeen and don't have a permit, but I will soon! HAHAHA!!! Well, it starts at 3, and it's 2:30 now. I'm waiting for my brother to get home, cause he's using our car. Then, we'll be on our way!

06 March 2009

Yeah for Anoop!

Okay, that was just mean! The American Idol judges scared that poor boy to death! When the said that Matt had made it, I thought, "Well, I'm happy for him, but I wanted Anoop to make it, too." I was SO excited when they told him that they decided to make it a top 13 this year! WOOH!

04 March 2009

Test Your Sanity

I'm getting this off of my mom's blog...
The statistics on sanity is that one out of every four persons are suffering from some sort of mental illness. Think of your three best friends -- if they're okay, then it's you.

Writer's Block

Don't you hate it? (Writer's block, I mean.) The story I was writing "My Own Meadow" isn't going so well. It's a good foundation, but nothing is happening with it. Oh, how I wish for the muse to decend!
So now, I'm sitting at the computer blogging and eating mashed potatoes! Yum.

03 March 2009

Random things I wonder about...

What did Yankee Doodle call "Maccaroni"?
What if the Hokey Pokey really is what it's all about?
If fairies come from baby laughs, what happens when a fairy laugh?
Why are people scared of bears, but they think that pandas are cute and fluffy?
Does the male kangaroo ever have pouch envy?
Why did the cow jump over the moon?
Why are clowns creepy, but everyone likes a good court jester?
Why do we drive on a parkway, but we park in a driveway?
If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gum drops, would they be raindrops?
What makes penguins so cool?
Why do I wonder such random things?

02 March 2009


Okay, I just had the most AMAZING drink ever. It's called Cucumber Lemonade. (Yes, it does sound gross.)

1 Cucumber, peeled and cubed
4 cups of water
Lemon juice and sugar (I actually used Country Time mix. Just enough to make two quarts.)

Puree the water and cucumber. Add lemon juice and sugar (or mix) to blender and mix. Enjoy!