24 January 2011

Amnon Had A Friend

Wow! The whirlwind of life has swept up once again! I'm back at Crown and the Lord God Yahweh is truly amazing! I love Him more than I can even describe in human languages. It amazes me how He cares for me, an alienated sinner who denied His great power. I did nothing worth His great love, but when He was on the cross, the Lord Jesus Christ reached up to God and down to man, and just as if I'd never sinned, He took me in His arm, embraced me, and willingly forgave me! We're in the beginning of our Faithful Men's Meeting here at Temple Baptist Church, and it has already been a huge blessing to me. Dr. Larry Brown from Washington, Iowa is preaching and He has been such a great blessing. This morning, his message was from II Samuel 13: 1-3 about Amnon, the son of David. He committed a great, horrific sin before the sight of God and his family, all because he had an untrustworthy friend. He probably would have not sinned out of respect for himself, his family, and his God if it weren't for his friend Jonadab, a very subtil man. How many "friends" do you have in your life that keep you from serving the Lord fully? This morning, I was truly convicted and had to go and get half of my music, literally rip it up, and throw them away with the assistance of my friends. We had a good time ripping up CDs full of garbage I didn't need in my life. I am so happy now! I went and deleated it all off of my computer as well. I pray that you will get rid of any "friends" you have in your life and get to know my dearest Friend, the Lord Jesus Christ!