05 June 2010

Calm in the Chaos

Recently, several things have occured in our lives that are far from ordinary. It seems that every day, something comes up that puts a damper on our view. For example, a few weeks ago, my father had to have a heart cath, something that none of us expected. Did I expect my father to have to have two stints put in? Definiatly not. Did the Lord bring our family through it? Of course He did. I am so happy to say that my God is still on the throne. He is still in control! Many other circumstances (that will remain unspoken) have dragged my spirit down, but I am estatic that the Lord Jesus Christ picks me up and carries me along when I need Him most.
Sometimes, heavy burdens seem to weigh us down; it is as if the whole universe has been placed onto your shoulders. Sadly, so many people miss the fact that God wil not let anything happen that is not in His perfect will. The devil can not touch a single hair on my head (And trust me when I say there are many on there!) without asking permission from the God who made him. I'm so glad to know this!

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