10 May 2010

"The Indigo Notebook"

The other day, I mentioned a book that I read recently, and I would like to take a few minutes to review it. Laura Resau's "The Indigo Notebook" follows the life of a young teenage girl, Zeeta, and her flighty mother. Every year, Zeeta's lived in a different country and writes information about the lives of those around her in a different colored notebook. Shortly after moving to Ecuador, Zeeta meets Wendell, a Otavaleno (I apologize for the spelling. It will not allow me to put the accent.) teenager who was adopted as a baby by an American family. Zeeta and Wendell set out on the adventure to find his birth parents. Meanwhile, Zeeta's mother, Layla, falls head over heels for Jeff Ryan, the ultimate "Handsome Magazine Dad" that Zeeta has always dreamt of. Will this new relationship cause Zeeta and Layla to move back to the States with Jeff? Will they abandon their lifestyle? Does Wendell discover the mystery behind his birth parents? I strongly recommend you check this book out and see for yourself. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! I would give it 4 1/2 stars out of five.

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