09 May 2010

Have you ever had a fabulous idea, but no inspiration? I had the amazing desire to write a novel, as I often have, but I seem to be lacking the inspiration needed for said novel. So far, we have a girl named Elizabeth Rose who lives with her adoptive family near London at their newly purchased old estate. One day while exploring, she finds a crest engraved onto a tile with a group of words in Finnish. She determines to discover the meaning behind these words and will eventually find herself in a magical land far different from her own. In this far distant world, she will learn of her biological family who abandoned her on the day of her birth. But, sadly, I can not find a way to get this story going.
Have any of you ever had a trouble with writer's block, whoever you may be? Is anyone even out there? Please comment... it will truly help me! Even if no one is reading this, blogging in strangely therapuedic for me. It's a way for me to express myself without the fear of being rejected. Putting all of my thoughts out for commentarry, not holding back anything. The freedom to express yourself in whichever way you see neccessary.


Taylor said...

In the magic land place, she meets an interesting character named Remy (that's me!) but thats all I got buddy :)

Caitlyn Mae said...

Ooh i like the name "Remy" lol