24 May 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

Well, it's official. I am legally an adult! Saturday was my eighteenth birthday, and the curse is broken. For some reason, every birthday I have had since I turned thirteen has been ruined by something. Thankfully, nothing went wrong this time! In fact, we had a great day. In the morning, Mum and I went to go pick up Daddy from the hospital. (He had to stay overnight after having two stints put in due to a blockage near his heart.) I am praising the Lord that he is feeling better and was even able to go to work today. Next, Mum and I went to our favorite nail salon and had some pampering time! After Mani-Pedi time with Mum, we went back home. When my brother, Casey, came home from work, he gave me a new Sarah Brightman CD and a Freddi Fish game. Freddi Fish is a little lame kid's computer game, but I love them! They bring back great memories and made me laugh. No one else would have ever bought me something like that; haha my brother's awesome! Next, I went to Blockbuster and bought my final birthday gift from my parents: THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON 2 DISC SPECIAL EDITION! Ahhhhh words cannot describe how much I love the Twilight Saga. The books and movies are amazing.
It was a very amazing birthday!

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