14 May 2010

Last night, I went to what would have been my last choir concert in public school. I was reminded of my ife before my family decided to finish my education through home schooling. It was so nice to see my choir friends and receive long awaited hugs from them, but it felt so strange to be there. I realized how much I missed them, but I still have no regrets about homeschooling. I believe it was a great decision, no matter what some of my public school friends think. A few of them (although they didn't look down on it) did not understand my decision to homeschool. It's just not the "normal" thing to them. When you know a lot of people who homeschool, it seems as normal as going to public or private schools, but in the city, it is thought to be weird.
Another thing my friends at public school don't seem to understand is the decision I made in tenth grade to not wear pants. I am probably the only person who many of them have ever met who doesn't wear pants. Even now when I go back to my old stomping grounds, I get strange looks from them. Even when I see my old friends, it is as if they forgot what it looks like to see someone wearing modest clothes. It makes me laugh, actually. I am not offended by their looks; it just makes me remember how feminist our world is. Of course, I am all for equal rights for women, but I am not a feminist. I am a young lady who wants to please the Lord by my actions and wardrobe. I am extremely proud of this!!!
I am so proud of my choir friends, especially the ACCAPELLA seniors. Congratulations guys; I love you! You are my ONLY regret for leaving public school. I miss you and hope to see you again soon!

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