27 March 2010

Well I haven't blogged in exactly one month, and I have been missing it! What has been happening?
First, I GOT MY FIRST CAR!!!!!!!! Unfortuantely, I can not add photos of it at this time, but I will soon. It's a blue 2003 Mitsubishi Outlander, fondly named Dory. I love my little car! It is just perfect for a young college student, and I praise God for leting us get a good deal on it!
Also, we have fully decided to go to the Independant Baptist Friends International conference at Temple Baptist Church in Powell, Tennessee. I'm super excited!!!! As well as my parents and myself, my good friend Taylor is coming with us! I don't think that I have ever been this anxious about anything in my whole life!!!! This conference will have a ton of fantastic men of God preaching as well as men and women giving day sessions. I ask you all to pray for those who are speaking as well for the attendes to have open hearts. Please pray for us as we drive up there. We leave as soon as Taylor gets out of school on April 9th, and will get there late on April 10th. It is a 17 hour drive, so we need to be allert. (Probably not a big challenge with Tay and me. lol)

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