01 July 2011

Guatemala: Where all the moose live

I am often amazed at what young children say! It is hilarious how they pick up bits and pieces of what you teach them and mash them all together. Children have a wonderful way of saying the most ridiculous things and making it actually make some sort of sense! One of the sweet five-year-old little girls at my church and I had one fo these moments Wednesday night at church. I told her about a friend of mine from Guatemala, and she wanted to know more and more about the country. Next, when she pointed at a flag on our bullitan board and asked, "Where is that flag from?" I told her that it was from Canada, a country just north of the United States. She asked if any cool animals lived there, so I told her that moose live there. Later, while she was playing 'teacher', she decided that we would learn about different countries. She said, "This (squiggled something unrecognizable on the dry-erase board) is Guatemala. That's where all the moose live!" I thought it was the most adorable thing! I love the kids that God has blessed me with as a teacher.

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