03 July 2011

Land of the Free because of the Brave!

I am so thankful that I live in a country where I am free to worship God in the way that my conscience chooses. Many times, we forget how blessed we are as Americans, and we should be ashamed of that. When the Pilgrims first left the west coast of England and set sail for this land, they inscribed the words "In God We Trust" on the sails of the Mayflower. Every time they hit a wave or felt sick, they could look upon those true words and remember that God was with them, regardless of how hopeless their mission may have seemed to their friends and family. I have had the privilege to be born and raised in the United States, and I believe that it is the best nation on this planet. I love this nation, and I will stand for it. God gave me this land, and I will use the freedom it has for His glory. I will not sit idle while those around me do nothing. I will praise His name while I still have- freedom to do so! If you are an American, this Independence Day, remember how a great God has blessed you to live in this land. I love America!

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