07 January 2010

New Years...... GOALS!

Don't you hate when you can't think of anything in your life that is blog worthy? I haven't been feeling well enough to do any good baking (plus it would be disgusting for a sick person to even step into a kitchen) and I haven't really picked up a new hobby. (We'll I've gotten back into crochet, but that's not all that interesting.) What should I do? This year that has just begun marks a new chapter in my life's journal (My life's blog, if you will) and I truly need to become more interesting. I sadly failed at all of the goals that I set at the beginning of 2009, but I beleive that this year will be different. As I have mentioned before, this fall I will be starting college at The Crown College of the Bible in Powell, Tennessee (Thankfully, most people just call it Crown or conversations would be a lot longer there.). This year, I am not making a plan that by the end of next year I will be ashamed of. I have decided to set a period of eight months for my goals to be fulfilled. In August, I leave for Crown and I would like to be a LOT slimmer. I also would like to be more "put together". I have a bad habit of not caring what condition my room is in and not being very prim and proper, and I am becoming fed up with it. My room is now clean and it looks RATHER nice. I plan on keeping it that way for a long, long time.
Today I started taking AdvoCare vitamins as part of my weight loss plan. I am taking their "CorePlex" pills three times a day. Unfortuantly, the pills in their packs are not completely vegetarian, so I cannot take them. I will, though, be able to take a pill called "Carb-ease". Although this is in a gelatin capsule, I will be able to take it apart and sprinkle the vitamin powder into food making it completly vegetarian. My goal for now is to be 3 or 4 dress sizes smaller by the day I leave for Crown in August. That seems like a very good goal for me at this time. Please pray that I will stick to this plan!

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