28 February 2009


Okay, last night a bunch of people from our church went out to eat for a lady's birthday. I wanted to go, but I knew that I shouldn't have. I was right. Well, first of all, I still have this migraine, and that is a VERY loud resturaunt. Like, half of the kitchen staff came to sing Happy Birthday VERY loudly. It was funny, but it really didn't help me.
Next, yesterday was my "Veggi"versary, the third year of me being a vegetarian. And this place is a steakhouse. Yep. Not fun, especially since there are heads on every inch of every wall, and in the lobby, there is a BEAR! It was so gross. (My friend Ryleigh named one of the deer heads "Gigi"! lol)
Well, now my headache is STILL not going away, and I just would like to scream!!!
That's my news.

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