26 February 2009

Headache Update...

Well, today, my mom and I went to the doctor. He believes that this is a sinus headache, and he put me on an antibiotic. Also, I had a blood test done to make sure that all of my levels are good. I have had Polysystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) for about a year, so they have to make sure that all of my organs are working good. Also, my Doc refilled my Metphormin. This will, hopefully, prevent me from ever getting diabetes. A side-effect of PCOS is diabetes. Since I'm also not the smallest person and have diabetes in my family, I have a high chance of getting it. Hopefully, this medicine will do its job. Also, it will help with my weight control. I hope that this antibiotic will stop this migrane and fast!
Well, I think that dinner is almost ready.
Good Night, Fellow Humans!
Caitlyn Mae


SamanthaMarie said...

Hopefully the antibiotic helps indeed! I hate it when you go to the doctor and all they can give you is, "Well, I think it's this... so we'll try this antibiotic. Hope it works." They should just know! ;)

SamanthaMarie said...

Ack! I totally wasn't aware that Baptists have been around as long as the Catholic church. I'm sorry about that mistake! I've always been taught that they were the church forever and ever etc. ;)

I'm currently Non-denominational. (: I have quite a few great Baptist friends down here in the Boise area :D