24 February 2009

Ah, the pleasures of migranes!

Since Sunday night, I've had a horrible migraine. I hate to complain, but it really hurts! I used to have very frequent migraines, but they stopped- until Sunday. I just am praying that it passes very soon. My parents are watching the Presidential Address message on Fox News, but all the applause on TV just makes my head hurt even more. lol
Well, I'm very bored. I probably shouldn't even be on the computer right now, but I'm bored. I was just watching 18 Kids and Counting, but it went off. (I love that show!)
Oh, have you seen the movie Fireproof? I finally saw it this past Saturday night; it is SOOOOOOOO good! I loved it. If you haven't seen it, I really recommend it.
Well, have a great night, Citizens of the planet Earth!

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