05 April 2011

My Personal Testimony

I had the privilege to be raised in a wonderful Christian home, and when I was nine years old, I made a profession of faith. I claimed to love the Lord, and I knew it was right to serve Him, but I did not truly know Him as I said I did. I went through a lot of illness and a few surgeries, and when my family moved to Texas when I was fourteen, I became slightly bitter towards God. I continued going to church, but I couldn't stand it. No one, not even my parents, knew how I didn't enjoy it besides the Lord and myself. I didn't enjoy that my friends didn't have to be "weird" like I had to because my parents were greatly involved with our church. We live in Dallas which is extremely diverse, and since Christianity "wasn't working' for me, I started to think that maybe the religions of my friends would be better for me. I secretly researched Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Baha'ism, hoping to find a bit of truth. (Now I see how lost I truly was!) But, praise the Lord, He never gave up on me!!! When I was sixteen years old, I heard my aunt give her testimony of how she professed faith as a child, rebelled against the Lord, and truly came to salvation as an adult. She regrets not coming to the Lord when she saw that she was going down the wrong road as a teenager. As she gave her testimony, I fell under deep conviction. I told my family how I needed to be saved; they were thrilled that I told them and happily led me to the Lord. He led me to come to The Crown College as a Music Education major, and on October 20, 2010, He called me to serve him on the mission field. I am happy to go wherever He leads me, and I'm so thrilled to call Him 'Father', regardless of my unworthiness!

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Sara Tepes said...

That is an amazing testimony! I wonder how there are no comments yet, save myself. It's really great that you decided to be a missionary right now. I'll pray for you!