07 April 2011

I am so excited to see my parents on Saturday! They are coming to Powell for the second annual In dependant Baptist Friends International meeting. (See baptistfriends.org or templebaptistchurch.com for more information.) I will be going Saturday to pick them up from the airport, and I will be spending the next week with them! The Lord has blessed us so much; I am so privileged to call them parents, my friends, and the dearest people on this planet to me. I pray that everyone has a wonderful day! Oh! I almost forgot! Every day next week, services will be shown via Internet at templebaptistchurch.com and faithforthefamily.com (9 AM E.S.T. and 6:30 E.S.T.) If you can, be sure to watch some of the services; they are sure to be a great blessing!

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