26 September 2011

The Shepherd of the Hills (Part Two)

Here are the rest of my notes from Dr. Green's study on the Song of Songs. I hope it is as much of an encouragement to you as it is to me. 

The Beloved came to reveal Himself to His dear Shulamite. He wanted her to know that He was still there for her. George Burrows once said, "The Christian life is a series of visits and withdraws of our Lord, of revivals of grace in the heart and exposure to trials." How very true this statement is! The Lord's voice calls out to us. Above countless voices, the Shulamite woman heard the strong voice of her Beloved. "The Bible which we have in our possession is from cover to cover the majestic authoritative voice of the Beloved, and what power and blessing it brings!" (Dr. Brian Green) 

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