16 December 2010

Home at last :)

I am so happy to be home for Christmas break. I love being with my wonderful family, seeing my good old friends, and catching up with my church family. It is phenomenal how much a few months apart brings friends so much closer together. I love them with all my heart!
Last night, I was given the blessing of giving a devotional to our young people at church. I spoke with them about my greatest burden: People of all cultures and their equality in Christ. The prejudice of this world never ceases to amaze me. I'm saddened that people still look at the pigment in someone's skin, or their religion, or their struggle learning the English language and think them to be lesser men and women. I spoke to them in several languages, including French, Chinese, English, and American Sign Language. It was wonderful to see their reaction to the fact that so many people in this world cannot legally worship the Lord at all, and that we have the freedom to do that but ignore it. When was the last time that you gave someone the Gospel? In my entire life, no one has ever given me a single tract. It is sad that we aren't doing our proper job as Christians. It was a good reminder to myself, as well. I told the children, "The things on this whiteboard (It was covered in phrases of various languages about the goodness of God) are illegal in 51 countries. It is our job to make them legal everywhere." Next time you're nervous about giving the Gospel to someone you meet, remember that it might be the one person who you meet that truly wants it!

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