05 October 2010

Dear Blogging Friends,
I, once again, am very sorry for my lack of communication with you! I have been super busy.
First of all, you will be very pleased to hear that my voice is fully recovered! Apparently, I did not tear a vocal cord but a blood vessel in my vocal folds popped. How gross is that?!?! But, thankfully, after much fear of having to have vocal surgery, my voice is back and stronger than ever! The only strange thing is that it came back with a British accent. No lie. I have not used my original voice in over a week! Haha I sound British! I love it!!!! My doctor said it might last a few weeks and might stay permanently.
Second, this week is MIDTERMS!!!!! An evil word, I know.
I just want to say how much I love being here at Crown. I have amazing friends and really great classes. God is working so much in my life. I cannot believe that my first semester is half-way over already!

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