25 October 2009

Random Update

Hello, people with computers!
I haven't been on my blog in QUITE some time now, but I am here now to speak my mind. (Yes, this can be an extremly dangerous thing.) This week, Bro. Dan Knickerbocker, the head of The Crown College Southwest and Norris Seminary, is holding a camp meeting at our church. (I understand that many people call this a revival, but we must realize that revival is not a meeting or even a group of meetings. Revival only occurs when a revival is sparked in the hearts of individuals and then spread throughout a church or community.) Tonight, he was not able to make it because he is very sick. It seems that he has a sort of stomach flu. Remember to keep him and the revival in your prayers. Also, his lovely wife, RoseMarie, will be going in a few weeks for some medical treatments.
So far, I have still not found a job. I am still searching and praying for patience. Unfortunatly, most establishments will not hire people under the age of eighteen. Since I do not turn eighteen until the end of May, this causes a large problem for me. Please pray for me to find a good job soon.
Like I have said in previous posts, I will begin goin to The Crown College of the Bible in Powell, Tennessee next fall (or maybe this spring). I can hardly contain my excitement about going to this amazing school. Many of my friends are currently attending school there and I can not wait to join them there. Not only do I adore the school and everyone that goes there, I truly LOVE the area. I was raised in Georgia, and Tennessee is the closest thing to home that I can get. This summer when our church's youth group went to the Youth Congress at Crown, I did not want to come back to Texas. It truly feels more like home to me. The week we were in Tennessee this summer, I felt as if I were home, but after three years in Texas, it still feels like a strange place that I simply live. Thankfully, God has blessed my family with a wonderful church here, and I love everyone there to pieces! (Shoutout to TayTay and Mrs. Jonna, my blogging buddies!) I simply wish that this year would be an extremly quick one! lol

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