22 October 2008

Homeschooling, Work, and Graduation

I never would have thought that homeschooling could be this complicated. I've been getting caught up for the past, um, week and a half. My grandmother and her new hubby came up, so that was distracting because we, of course, wanted to spend time with them. Here's some advice: during your senior year, NEVER LET ANYONE COME TO VISIT YOU FOR MORE THAN A NIGHT!!! You get so far behind. For English, I'm on lesson 74 when I should be on lesson 80. I know that's only, like, six lessons, but it's hard to get caught up.

I'm still getting used to the fact that I'm going to be graduating in just a few short months. I was supposed to be a junior this year, but because I took advanced classes in public school, I only had two eleventh grade courses (American History and English 3) to take. The rest (English 4, U.S. Government/Economics, Physics, Home EC, Speech, and Health) are all 12th grade classes. Well, the last three can be taken at any time in high school, but I took French my first two years and didn't have time to take them. My estimated finished-with-school date is May 7, 2009. This means I will be able to graduate before my seventeenth birthday which is in late May. WOW!!! I feel so smart! lol

I've noticed that when you're in public school all of your life except for your last school year, you expect things that people who have been homeschooled their whole lives expect. Like when we were at our first A Beka preview when we were just thinking and praying about finishing my education at home, I was looking through their catalouge and saw that you can buy letterman jackets from them. I told my mom and a lady who was sitting at the same table as us said, "Is that really important, though?" I couldn't beleive it. This was something that seemed normal, nay, necessary for every high school student. I've saved patches from marching band and vocal competitions. This is something that I've worked for and have earned. I can't imagine not having a letterman jacket. lol Also, my homeschooled friends aren't worried about class rings and yearbooks and other school "necessities" as they are seen in public school. They couldn't care less about these things. It seems so hilarious to me.It's like almost as important as kissing a statue at your sweet sixteen. lol Long story!
Well, I'm still getting used to being homeschooled. It's so fun! But very different.

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