22 February 2013

When's the fair weather coming?

Have you ever faced a trial that never seemed to end? One where there seemed to be no light at the tunnel's end? I've been facing one of those recently. It's as if nothing will ever be okay again. It's almost as if God does speak.
A few weeks ago, I heard a message on "What To Do When Jesus Doesn't Speak To You". It helped, but it didn't completely fix the problem.
I've heard messages on "Bearing Your Own Burden". It helped, but it didn't make everything okay, either.
What do you do when absolutely nothing seems to be okay? How do you handle it?
You have to give it over completely to Christ. There's no other option. I promise that no amount of counseling/therapy will help. The only One who will be able to take over is Christ.
Job 37:22 "Fair weather cometh out of the north: with God is terrible majesty."

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