04 August 2010

Georgia on my mind... Followed shortly by Tennessee :)

Can you believe it? Ten days until I leave for Georgia! I am so excited to be going there, even if it is for a short trip. I miss Georgia so much! It was my home for eleven years, the place of my childhood, and simply one of my favorite places to be. The pure beauty of that state overwhelms me. I love the rolling hills, the beautiful mountains, and the glorious sunrises! My little cup of joy is overflowing!!!! It has been over three years since I was home, and I am about to start going crazy!
Well, we are almost finished packing. All of my things are labled, stacked in the music parlor, and ready to be put in the hatch of my car! All that is left to be bought is a few more tops and some larger items (Ironing board, etc.) that can be bought when we get to Tennessee. SOOOOO EXCITED!

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