10 August 2009


I know, i know.... I'm a bad person. Well, at least a bad blogger. lol I haven't been on here since before we went to Tennessee, which, by the way, was AMAZING!!!! I haven't been on here because I have been out of town almost all summer. You wouldn't beleive how tired you are after being on the run for several weeks.
Well, it's the tenth of August, and as you all know, school is about to start for most people, but I do not have to go back to school because I graduated EARLY!!! So, I have to find a job. For the past several weeks, I have been searching for a job to hold for this next year before heading off to..... DRUMROLL, PLEASE...... THE CROWN COLLEGE OF THE BIBLE IN POWELL, TENNESSEE!!!!!!!!! (or as most people call it "Crown"), AKA, the most amazing school in the whole wide world! Can you tell that I'm super psyched? I can't beleive that I have to wait for a whole year, but I understand why I have to. This year will either seem very long or very, very short. All my friends are going back to school, whether it be one of my Kindergarten buddies or one of my College pals, so it already feels somewhat strange that I won't be going to school. But I'll live... lol
I promise that I'll try REALLY hard to be faithful to my blog. I love blogging, but I often forget that I need to actually get on here and write something. lol. I love you peoples!
Caitlyn Mae

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Taylor said...

HAHA! You finally wrote something! ITS AMAZING!!! You are right about Crown! :) I MISS KAY-RUH, TARYN, LAUREN, JESSICA, FRANKLIN....and MANY OTHERS...haha. Well, Love ya!!!